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Small tri sailor Hans Schipper send the following info about WATERMOUSE, the newest craft he built. Hans has been working on this one. Ulta short video included too :-)

He writes:

Here are some pictures and a video of my first sea trial with the water mouse. I don’t know what to think yet.

The boat feels a bit clumsy. So small ensures that the mainsail and jib halyard line and the furling jib line are very close together with little space to store it next to other equipment. The mainsheet line comes from behind my back when I’m in the canoe.

Sitting in the canoe still feels a bit scary and the front of the boat is too deep. When I sit on the movable board I can shift my weight more backwards. The seat board made of foam and epoxy is strong enough and also indispensable when boarding from a jetty.

The amas have a buoyancy of around 50 kg each, so I cannot step on it with my 100 kg without consequences. For mooring I have a hook with the closure of a spinaker boom on one side with which I can attach to a ring on the jetty.

The whole is so light that I can paddle in and out of the harbor, even headwind with rolled jib.

The boat listens carefully to its rudder and tackes well and does not lose too much heigt sailing upwind. the foiling daggerboards in combination with the hull shape seem sufficient. I cannot yet see whether the foils provide sufficient stability with more wind. I think waves are more likely to become the problem due to insufficient freeboard.

Nice that everything is constructed so lightly yet strong enough so far.

I may have to add a little more buoyancy to the canoe before I can call it a success or sell it to a smaller and lighter person. In any case, I have enjoyed working on the experiment so far. But if I really want to go sailing, I now prefer to take the “triple B” or “Briesje”.

On one of the photo’s it seems as if I’m thinking, “what did I start?” ;-)

I hope you will post my new experience.
Hans Schipper