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The Waterlust expedition canoe is a sailing canoe designed by Chesapeake Light Craft. CLC offers it as a kit for DIY homebuilders.

Here is the webpage featuring the Waterlust Canoe on CLC site: https://www.clcboats.com/boatbuilding-news-events/waterlust-expedition-canoes.html One paragraph describing this canoe summarizes it as follows: “These Expedition Canoes were designed for the purpose by CLC’s own Dillon Majoros. The design takes its cues from classic sailing canoes of the late 19th century. Dillon has added a higher volume hull with fuller ends for increased carrying capacity, stability, and performance under sail. The hull design includes watertight compartments fore and aft, watertight storage forward of cockpit, and stowage bins port and starboard in the cockpit that double as support rails for the seat. The cockpit extends under the aft deck, and may be used as a berth for the crew. The boat is powered by a yawl rig, which is traditional to the type and easy to manage, too.”

Here is the canoe as it was seen in a WaterCraft magazine article: https://www.clcboats.com/print/watercraft-magazine-133-waterlust-sailing-canoe.html

And finally, here is a page explaining the Waterlust Outrigger Kit package (includes pics):

The description of these outriggers reads in part: “The outrigger package increases the stability and capability of the Waterlust Sailing Canoe. Rather than transform the canoe into a high-performance trimaran, the outriggers (or, traditionally, “amas”) act more as training wheels to help keep the boat upright in gusty conditions. A trimaran conversion would demand a new rig and structural reinforcements in the hull. The marginal increase in top-end speed would come at the expense of transportability and performance under auxiliary power.”

That being said, many a canoe sailor (and paddler) who has unintentionally tipped over a canoe will appreciate such outriggers.