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This post features a Waterlust canoe (designed by CLC boats), which we’ve previously seen here. The following info comes to us via email this week from British sailor Guy Hall.

The below videos are featured on his YouTube Channel – https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCnTpCVehNBciIFungb42USA/videos

And be sure to check out the YT channel for more vids too.

Additionally, Guy provides a blog link below that chronicles the building process. He’s got a great looking boat. Many thanks to him for reaching out and letting us see this small tri configuration under sail.

Guy writes:

Hi! I am Guy, a Brit living in Bergen, Norway.

I guess I got into this small tri thing accidentally – via canoe sailing. I have a waterlust sailing my canoe from CLC boats. In its first incarnation was so tippy as to be a liability.

Fortunately there was a set of outriggers in the works, and enough people made enough noise to get that project over the line. I now have the boat built and the added stability of the outriggers is simply wonderful.

I’m currently toying with the idea of trying out a larger outrigger on one side – just for fun – and maybe to make it easier to sail with company if I put a board as a seat between a couple of akas – let’s see.

For the truly interested there is also a slightly too extensive write up of the build here – but lots of info if one is interested in building one!

All best,

Here are 3 YT videos…