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The Sardine Run 19 and 23 models are already featured on this blog. Here is yet another model – the 5m50.

Here is a (translated from French) snip from its advertising page:

“What if we created a nice original boat and went everywhere to discover the coast? Having a minimum of comfort, having the practical sense, and not dragging too much…

It is from these few criteria that the Sardine Boats shipyard and the naval architect √Čric HENSEVAL collaborated to develop this boat.

The result? A small original trimaran of 5m50 turned towards the rando raid. Lively, practical, reasonable and non-extreme boat for a light displacement of only 300kg. The objective of this boat is not to sail as fast as an 18 feet (F18) but to have beautiful sensations in safety, to be able to do a little small coastal cruise.”

To see more, go here: https://www.sardineboats.com/voiliers/sardine-run-5m50/