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The following comes from a post by sailor Wade Tarzia on the Instructables.com site. Lots of good stuff here that may relate to designing one’s own small trimaran.

It’s an older post but still very much worth reading. Check it out the full article via the link below.

Thoughts on Designing & Building a Light, Car-top-able Outrigger Sailing Canoe [March 2016 Update]
by Wade Tarzia

(Comment on the Photos: Short Dragon is a good boat, but it started rather heavy and gained weight as I added new features such as watertight compartments. He has undergone many revisions, but the revision to very light kayak-replacement and car-top-carried sailing canoe is impossible.)

There is an ancient saying: “You need a boat for everyday of the week.” I am not so sure about that anymore, because you can be spread thin, as in, too much bread, too little butter, sort of the way Frodo felt after carrying The One Ring for too long. Apt metaphor. Click here to read the full article on Instructables.com