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This double outrigger sailing canoe is a model called “Tamanu” (designed by Gary Dierking). You can see more about the Tamanu design here and here and here.

The photo of this particular build, featured on this page at Gary’s blog, shows the boat on its launch day. And what a setting for a new boat launch – Aruba!

The sailor-builder, Andy Wong, apparently shared a video of the boat under sail, which Gary posted on this page (but also posted below): https://outriggersailingcanoes.blogspot.com/2019/01/andys-tamanu-in-aruba.html?m=1

What a lovely boat Andy is now sailing.

For anyone wanted to see more, Gary has also posted pics of other Tamanu boats that have been built on this page: https://tamanuoutrigger.blogspot.com/