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The Tamanu trimaran is an outrigger canoe design by Gary Dierking. And Klaus R. has constructed this beautiful one in Germany.

(Actually, this boat isn’t in full trimaran configuration, but rather a single outrigger with “safety” ama. I’ve wanted to feature a finished Tamanu for awhile now, so this boat is a beautiful example of what can be achieved with this model. You just have to image it as a full double outrigger).

At 20 feet, the long, slender hulls of the Tamanu offer a potential for nice performance and there is plenty of room for either hiking out or simply finding a comfortable seating position. The cockpit of this boat also has self-bailing capability.

The main idea behind Gary’s outrigger canoe designs, including this one, is to offer sailors a way to build a fast boat at the lowest possible cost.

Klaus’ sailboat is likely the first Tamanu to be built in Deutschland. He has created a blog (in German) with more photos at

How neat to have an outrigger canoe designed in the South Pacific now sailing amid beautiful lakes and woodland landscapes of Europe! And thank you Klaus, for sharing your newly finished creation with us here!


The “Take 5” Tamanu Trimaran Canoe
by Klaus Riedl

My “Hawaii” Canoe is finished now and the first sailing test was really impressive. Although I used only a 8 sqm surf rig for a test we had a good speed and much fun. Over next winter I am looking for a boomless catamaran rigg (Nacra or Topcat).

These girl friends gave me best psychological support :-))

The main hull and parts of the crossbeams are built according to Gary Dierking plans. The amas, central daggerboard and easy steering rudder are adapted to some interesting YouTube videos :-)

Final works in my "boatyard" at home

All works together very fine. Mainly, the central daggerboard makes tacking very easy, also in small winds. Up to this point, I haven’t included the self-bailing capability that Gary designed to be a part of this boat. It sails very dry.

On the trailer

After taking it off the trailer, setting up my Tamanu for sailing the first time around took about 45 minutes with 2 men.

A rest at the beach

The boat is very fast and comfortable – even in steering position. Because there are 5 large parts we called it “Take 5” – a nice piece of music by Dave Brubeck. :-)

It is a combination of Holopuni canoes and Philippine Paraw boats. I love these boats … however 20 ” is the outmost length which can be easily handled by 2 men during transport.

Here is my fearless sailor friend Winfried – practising the unusual rope/rubber strap steering. It works very fine and you have enough hands for a cup of tea :-)

Unique rope/rubber strap-steering

First, I want to perform some daysailing tests on a large lake in northern Germany. Later at Baltic Sea.

The main purpose for building this boat is for daysailing with my wife or friends. Probably later, weekend tours with tent to islands of Baltic Sea.

If I can find more sailing enthusiasts in Hamburg I will try a 40 ” boat. :-)

It´s thrilling …

Warm regards from Hamburg — Klaus

Evening at a large north german lake

Finally, here is a new video featuring Take 5 …