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jim-brown-sailing-his-piver-nugget-trimaran-late-1950sHere we feature one more short audio interview with Jim Brown talking about the Piver Nugget tri. In this audio clip, Jim talks specifically about certain Nugget design features that all came together very well.

Jim’s explanation really coveys how the Nugget’s design offered self-builders an opportunity to get out on the water and experience multihull fun … on a budget. And the word “budget” is key here.

Economy. Affordability. Accessibility.

Do-able. Practical. Achievable multihull boatbuilding (that enabled tons outdoor family fun). For just about anyone.

Once again, we hope you enjoy Jim’s short, yet practical, nultihull history oration. Pure fun :-)

You might also be amazed at Jim’s description of how well the boat sailed. (He thinks the Seaclipper series by John Marples (for self-boatbuilders) are comparable to the original Nugget. The Seaclipper 24, for example, can be seen here.)

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Click on the book image below to see more about volume one of Jim’s memoir “Among the Multihulls” on Amazon, which includes the full story of Jim’s Nugget (along with lots of other great stories) …