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Sailor Eric Dahlkamp shares an update on the small trimaran he built out using a repurposed Snark for the center hull. He is now in the process of tweaking this craft so both he and his wife can enjoy it in their retirement.

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Eric has some great building skills, which enables him to both build a boat that looks great and sails well. (I shall try and not be too jealous in this regard, okay :-)

Many thanks to him for sharing this new info with us.


Eric writes:

Here’s an update on Squirt. Remember my Snark Sundancer conversion? Well, she is launched and sailing.

Just have headsails to add – halyards and sheets. Got ideas how to do it. Will give it a whirl next week. Should work.

Took her out with a Julie in February for a first sail! Used the old Sundancer sail and rig. This time, yesterday, had the modified Lazer main and beefed up mounted. Was fun. Learned a lot. Rudder is undersized for the weather helm. Tacking is fine except without a jib she tries to go into irons. Easy remedies. Stern drags two-up, but that’s because she’s a small boat and I like cookies.

All in all I’m pleased. Julie likes it a lot. It’s small and easy to handle. Her style. Crosswins was just too much for her. And everything happens to fast. Squirt is slow enough to make it much more comfortable for her to handle.

Video shows what a lovely day we had.


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