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In this post, sailor Eric Dahlkamp shares his experience of day 5 and 6 in this year’s Texas 200. These videos and write ups offer a nice summary overview of Eric’s perspectives during this event.

Thanks again to him for sharing so much info covering the entire journey!


Squirt Trimaran, 2022 Texas 200 – Day 5 and 6
by Eric Dahlkamp

Day 5 was the most challenging and memorable day of all. I believe 87 boats registered this year. And here I am on day 5 sailing all alone sighting only one boat nearby and a few others briefly on the horizon. Interesting how that happens.

Sailed from Quarantine Shore to Hidden Pass, about 10 miles shy of Army Hole, the designated camp for the night. Every day leaves its unique imprint on the soul.

Day 5 was a very special day for me. I loved it. While not the most miles, definitely the most varied with lots of new experiences for me. I did a number of the back bays, cuts and passes for the first time. Plus, I camped at new spots; and I got to navigate new areas and sail!

This was the day I really learned just how tough, forgiving and well-balanced Squirt is as a little expedition sailboat. Every year there are designated camp locations for each day, but ultimately, it’s entirely up to each skipper how they get there and where they’ll stop. I chose to call it quits before tackling the last leg to Army Hole. That way I would get more rest and wouldn’t find myself sailing after dark.

The next day, our sixth and last, I sat becalmed for nearly three hours before the breeze finally kicked in. But, even with that, I wouldn’t have changed a thing about my decision to overnight at Hidden Pass. Delightful.

Texas 200 Day 5 –

Day 6 of the Texas 200 was unique. They all were, but this one seemed especially so to me – meditative, calm and as romantic as sailing gets. It capped off a grand adventure for me.

Day 6 was a long one. I sat becalmed for three hours or more within a stone’s through of the beach where I had spent the night, Hidden Pass. The breeze, when it finally came, didn’t build much, but was sufficient for a very pleasant ride into the finish at Maggy Beach.

Unfortunately, I arrived too late for the BBQ put on by the Magnolia Beach Fire Department. No worries, the mere prospect of that delicious BBQ kept my spirits up all day long.

My dinner was wonderful. I stopped at Walmart and picked up two frozen meals, lots of cold Gatorade and a king size Snickers chocolate bar. I feasted like royalty in A/C after a long hot shower. Bliss.

Hoping to return again and again, health permitting. I’m counting on it. But, in the event this is my last, I couldn’t have asked for a better!

Squirt out.


Texas 200 Day 6 –