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A couple days ago, Jim Brown forwarded these photos taken by a friend during the launching of the Seaclipper 20 trimaran built at the WoodenBoat school. Both Jim and John Marples taught one of the boatbuilding classes there this summer. The fact all participants were able to get this boat to the point where it was able to sit on the water (in just under 2 weeks) is remarkable.

I asked Jim if he’d participate in a short phone recording with me so he could share a few thoughts about the Seaclipper 20 trimaran boatbuilding class. He kindly agreed.

Our conversation, however, went much longer than I anticipated. Instead of posting the full audio here (below), I’ve posted the complete, hour-long segment at the new multihulls media site — OutRigMedia.com — because it fits in very nicely with the media Jim Brown is offering there already.

Incidentally, if you haven’t been to OutRigMedia yet, a ton of multihull enthusiasts have already accessed the multihull-focused media collection we’ve placed in there lately. So be sure not to miss out.

So what I suggest you do is click the blue bar below and begin listening to the introduction here at smalltrimarans.com … and if you decide you’d like to listen to the entire interview then go to www.OutRigMedia.com and listen to the full version of it online … or even download it to enjoy on your iPod or other digital player.

So click on the bar to listen to the first part of this audio featuring Jim (while checking out the photos below) and if you’d like to listen to the whole thing then head over to www.OutRigMedia.com

Launching the Seaclipper 20 Trimaran at the WoodenBoat School this Summer

Great shot of Jim Brown thru the Eyebolt of the Seaclipper 20 Trimaran

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