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Hans Schipper has made some new mods on his Triple B trimaran. A previous post about the Triple B can be seen here.

He shares a couple pics and a YouTube vid (of the boat sailing) with us below.

Hans writes:

It took some time and perseverance, but I’m glad I didn’t stop halfway with a trimaran whose sailing characteristics didn’t make me happy. Now I can really shine when I see the boat accelerating. In the meantime I have applied wing profiles which, just like with the triple A, provide some lift and extra stability.

The mylar mainsail with thinly sloping sail slats ensure a good sail profile with a bulging in the front, which makes the boat steer lighter. I am still looking for a slightly higher jib but the sailing plan is already well balanced. With elastic on the rudder, I can adjust the sails so that I can release the rudder for periods.

With the large side hulls I have not yet experienced that the boat comes close to the tipping point. That makes it a good senior citizen boat? You can relax on the trampolines while you sail. The top speed I measured is almost 12 knots at gusts of 4 Beaufort. The average speed over a longer distance is around 6 knots with a wind of 3 Beaufort. [Below is] a video that gives an impression of how it sails.

The wing profiles give slightly less lift than expected. With the 45-degree angle, they release the water plants well. Only the wing in the middle of the back sometimes picks up some plants because they fold over it on two sides. I still have to come up with something. But over all I am very satisfied with my “own baking”.

Kind regards,
Hans Schipper