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Sailor Eric Dahlkamp shares some recent updates to “Squirt,” his latest (self-built) trimaran. We’ve featured the progressive story of Squirt (thank to Eric) in previous posts – here and here and here.

Great info and a few short videos show us what Eric is doing to dial-in this boat. Many thanks to him again for these recent updates.


Eric writes:

I’m loving Squirt, my self-built 13’ converted Snark Trimaran.

Been out sailing her 5 times now; unfortunately, got skunked once – no wind. More and more of a challenge to hit it right since I’m having to drive so far due to the mega drought. Reservoir levels are very low. Only two spots worth sailing have launch ramps open anymore. One is 150 miles round trip, the other 200 miles! Winds in these mountain ponds are hard to forecast accurately.

She performs surprisingly well. Not super fast, but dry comfy sailing comes at a price. Two aboard I’ve had her up to 6 knots in 14 knot winds. Points and tacks superbly. She is as dry as I had hoped and roomy enough to carry two for daysailing. Very pleased so far. Still haven’t tried the jib or spinnaker.

One mod I’m making right now is to address the wake outflow at the transom. Foolishly I curved the bottom up sharply the last two inches or so at the stern. This gives her an awful up-welling bubbling angry looking wake. Am adding an 8+ inch swallow tail extension to smooth it out. Hope it works. Nothing worse than watching an ugly wake!

Winds pick up in the fall. Hoping I’ll have someplace with a launch ramp still open when I get done molding the extension. Really want to go solo in 20 knots this year yet.

So far I’ve had my brother, wife and her sister aboard. It’s been fun to share, but Squirt’s really meant to be sailed solo. Next trip I’ll leave all my “guests” at home ?.

Attached are some new videos of my fun little trial sailing trips. I come home each time and tweak something new. She’ll be dialed in next year for sure.

1. Short solo trial:

2. Lake Trial with three aboard in calm conditions:

3. Fun sail with wife in her max winds: