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SIZZOR is a trimaran, designed and built by world-class sailor Randy Smyth. As you will hear in the audio bar below … and also see in the short YouTube video underneath … it’s quite a sailing machine.

And the fact it was designed and built by a world-class sailor will come as no surprise when you hear Randy talk about it.

Speaking of the audio clip, if you listened to the previous audio clip featuring Jim Brown speaking to Meade Gougeon about his brother’s new multihull, then you’re in for another treat with this one here.

Both of these audios are basically short segments taken from audios that has been in the planning stages for months.

This brand new multihull audio series, which we’re presently calling, MULTIHULL CONVERSATIONS WITH JIM BROWN is scheduled to be released this coming January. (More about this in coming weeks).

In the meantime, I hope you enjoy this short audio featuring world-class sailor Randy Smyth …

Speaking of Randy’s SIZZOR Trimaran, here is a YouTube clip that somebody recently posted featuring it …