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In this post we hear from boat designer Steve Mitrovich, who is designing / building what I refer to here as a sort of passenger-transport trimaran in Port Townsend. As you can see from the image, it’s a unique-looking boat.

Fascinating design here … be sure to visit his webpage (listed below) for updates and more info. We wish him much success with this project and many thanks for sharing it with us.


Steve writes:


I’m working on a lightweight power tri-hull boat. The specific target is for commuting, touring and sightseeing in populated nearshore waterways.

Many years ago I bought your ‘More Small Trimarans’ and greatly enjoyed reading it. I found it informative enough that I had underlined areas specifically of interest for me as I was starting my design.

Let me explain how I got on to this project.

The Puget Sound and Canadian Gulf is a delightful area. I want to explores this region. That includes seeing relatives and friends, visiting and shopping many communities, exploring the marine parks and touring the natural beauty. But where I want to go I need to get there fairly quickly and economically.

I don’t like the pounding from planing nor is it environmental friendly. My solution is three small staggered hulls with a frame above water holding the hulls together and with a cabin and motor on frame. The boat is 27 ft long and 10.5 ft wide but weighs only 1800lbs with motor. The boat can be trailered as it will support the boat on the front hull and between the hulls on the frame. I have my ‘large footprint, lightweight’ near shore power boat.

So far, this boat has been built at the Northwest Maritime Center and Boat Haven in Port Townsend. It is not yet completed and I want to do some major hydrodynamic studies and final design next summer. My experience with boaters around here is that those that have cats or trimarans are most interested in my design.

Attached is drawing of my boat done with Fusion 360. If you would like more information please check out my blog: https:spirta.tumblr.com

Thank you,
Steve Mitrovich in Port Townsend, WA