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Following is a link to a WordPress site advertising building plans for a 16-foot Paraw. I’ve no background knowledge regarding any aspect of this project, and am simply sharing it with readers who might want to inquire more about it.

The introductory ad copy reads as follows:

“I am drawing plans for this 5 meter long Paraw with a total sail area of 8 sq. meters. Intended for intermediate level boatbuilder, the method of construction is plywood on frames. I skipped the dug-out keel and substituted a laminated keel instead, since it is the only part of the Paraw that requires intimidating carving skill and time.

The recommended minimum diameter of the bamboo Ama is 5 inches (125 mm) and should be at least 4.80 meter long, in order to provide a buoyancy force of 59 kgs. An Ama lashed 2.50 meters away from the main hull centerline, can resist wind gusts up to 20 knots, when matched with an 8 sq.m. sail.

This sailing outrigger is a comfortable cruiser for two, and perfect for sail training.”

Go here to view this webpage: https://samaloutrigger.wordpress.com/paraw16plans/