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What would multihull pioneer Jim Brown say during a phone chat with legendary multi-designer Dick Newick and innovative boatbuilder Meade Gougeon on the other end of the line?

Here is your chance to find out! Well, at least, part of the conversation anyway :-)

In the previous post about Jan Gougeon’s newest tri-hulled creation, we link to this post, which features Meade spending a few minutes talking about this unique craft.

This excerpt is a taken from an historic audio series featuring Jim Brown chatting with both well-known multihull personalities and others who aren’t well-known. The great thing is that each one has a story (or, in some cases, stories (plural) that they’re willing to share with other multihullers!

In addition, there are going to be a plethora of …

Tips and practical suggestions
Nuggets of marine-related wisdom
Inspiring ideas and helpful references

We’re planning to launch this new series of audio conversations with Jim in January. We’ll be telling you a lot more about this as the day approaches.

In the meantime, please check out a snip from the very first call, which was recorded this past summer. Click on the controls on the audio bar below to start, stop or pause the audio …