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Smalltrimarans.com reader Chris L. sent me the link to the new “Mini Trimaran” from B and B Yachts. It’s a double outrigger canoe. (Perhaps designed with camp-cruising adventures in mind?)

The webpage for this boat says, “It combines elements of the successful Expedition Sailing Canoe and the “kayak trimaran” named ‘Spongebob’ into a new vessel.”

We previously posted about B&B’s Expedition Canoe here and the Spongebob kayak trimaran here.

This new mini trimaran is a sleek-looking craft, which includes a roller furling mainsail (and headsail) and retracting amas. Lots to like here.

Again, you can click through to B & B’s site here for a list of all the features, plus building plans / kits info.

In closing, here is the current video on B&B’s webpage for this boat: