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Boat designer Bernd Kohler shared the following LITTLE TRI info and pics with me this week. Really neat.

I also look forward to the Sprit sail he mentions below. Click on the images to enlarge. (Thanks for sharing this with us Bernd!)

Bernd wrote:

Here some interesting photos from my most avid “Little Tri” sailor. There are now more sailing but not everybody is so communicative (or good picture-takers.)

He has now put an Igloo tent on the boat. I like the result. Here three pictures. The setup is quick and the result looks good. The space on the inside is surprising.

To get more sail area he is trying out a new lug sail too.

I will design a sprit sail as an addition to the plans — an easy-to-build rig with a twist. The sail will be furled by rotating the mast without interfering with the sprit.

LITTLE TRI with igloo tent

LITTLE TRI with lug sail