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Many people look at Jan Gougeon’s new 40-foot trailerable multihull and think “trimaran”! (It’s actually referred to as a “folding cat with a fuselage” in the Gougeon’s magazine story, which I link to below). And there are others who see it as sort of a “tri-cat, or “cat-tri-combo” type of watercraft.

However one refers to it, the words “unique” and “amazing” will certainly apply.

As you can see in this post, it’s a 3-hulled boat. But only 2 of the hulls are in the water. All of the controls and accommodations, however, are in the central hull (or pod, or fuselage or ?) … just as in a standard trimaran.

Click here to listen to Meade Gougeon talk a little about this fascinating, new multi-hulled craft here.

Also …

The crossarms on this vessel swing forward, allowing it to fit into a regular boat slip or onto a trailer so it can be towed on the open road.

The boat offers other innovations too. The main one is probably its ability to recover, without any external assistance, from a capsize.

In the very unlikely event this boat ever turns turtle in the water, then either of the floats can be flooded and submerged in order to lift the other side of the boat upright … to eventually reach a point for complete self-righting of the entire platform.

Click here to either open up and read (or, right click to download by choosing “Save As”) the full story (in pdf) about Jan Gougeon’s new 3-hulled marvel named STRINGS

Here is a photo of it, which I’ve linked to at the Gougeon’s Iceboat website …

Jan Gougeon’s tri-hulled vessel named STRINGS

Click here to see the full-sized image at the Gougeon’s Iceboat website

And once again, be sure not to miss this short audio clip featuring Meade Gougeon talking about this new boat (click here to listen).

Another link: https://epoxyworks.com/index.php/jan-gougeon-launches-strings/?hilite=%27Jan%27%2C%27Gougeon%27%2C%27strings%27