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Tough, inflatable trimarans that sail really well.

Catamarans too.

From what I can tell, the designer of these boats is a fellow named Anatoly Kulik. And he has apparently been at it a long time. Since the 80s.

Lots more photos on the Kulik site.

Yet again, the following links were sent to me by small tri reader (and recent contributor) Hien Ngo. Thank you Hien!

The Kulik company’s home webpage, according to the Google Translate tool, reads as follows:

The Kulik company was founded in 1989.

Our company specializes in the production of collapsible inflatable boats for travel, sports and recreation.

The main advantage of our ships is their reliability!

We ourselves make extreme trips on our ships before we offer them to the market. All models and designs have been tested in the most extreme conditions!

We have something to be proud of!

Rafting from Everest on catamarans was first carried out precisely on our catamarans. The first, and so far the only, round-the-world voyage on collapsible inflatable sailing catamarans was carried out on our sailing ships.

The main feature of our ships is the simplicity of their assembly and compactness in an unassembled form, which allows them to be transported by any type of transport, delivered to any water area and stored literally under the bed.

All products of the company – own original developments protected by patents of the Russian Federation, certified for their compliance with the approved regulatory requirements. We are constantly improving the design of our ships, applying the latest technologies and materials in an effort to make ships easier, more convenient, safe and reliable.

In the assortment of goods produced by our company catamarans and trimarans for sailing tourism, sailing and beach recreation, catamarans and rafts for extreme and sports rafting, inflatable boats and motor rafts for travel.

Here is one of their advertising videos: