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We received the following a few weeks ago from one sailor who has recently discovered the joy of small tri sailing. He supplies lots of info and some good links below.


I am an amatuer boat builder / designer, and have built a CLC Sail Rig for my home built cedar kayak. I have gotten the taste of sailing small trimarans and now I am addicted like a junkie on heroin.

So my current boat has its obvious limits since the amas only have 100 pounds of buoyancy, and the vaka was designed as a kayak to start with. The kayak ended up having a center of gravity that was way too high for a kayak, so I made a trimaran out of it. Go here if you want to read about my journey: https://forum.woodenboat.com/showthread.php?268647-Newbie-needs-help-with-small-DIY-sail-plan-trimaran-setup.

I have several photos and videos that might entertain you. I would be very honored if you wanted to list my boat blog and / or my youtube channel on your website.

Here is the link to my youtube channel as well: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC4UW0cBCSkAfU-_Y-gpjRjw . I want to share and give back to the community of sailors that have given so much to me.

I started a new thread on the Wooden Boat forum, https://forum.woodenboat.com/showthread.php?282909-Lee-wants-a-new-trimaran-desig, because as they famously said in the movie Jaws, “we’re gonna need a bigger boat”. Well, I need a bigger boat too.