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Sailor Ian McGehee shared the following article with us. It features the background story of the trimaran named Kairos4Two, which was sailed in this year’s Race to Alaska (R2AK).

SoundingsOnline published a fun short piece here on the adventure as experienced by a couple that worked together in order to overcome the many challenges inherent in this particular race. Of particular interest were some of the mods made to the boat.

It begins…
“There’s the emotional side—moments of terror, tedium, anxiety,” says New-York based artist and casual sailor Zoë Sheehan-Saldaña, 49, about her first taste of the Race to Alaska, a 750-mile mad dash from Port Townsend, Washington, to Ketchikan, Alaska. The race is designed for boats propelled by wind and muscle power only; no outside assistance allowed. “Then there were moments that were so beautiful, you can’t believe you are in this. But being so close to the water, I felt vulnerable by the intensity. If anything happens, whether it’s a challenge or a scare, you are in it. There’s no boundary, really.”
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