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nl-2decover-300x300-podcast-5The first 2 episodes of Jim Brown’s “Nautical Lore Capercast” … a.k.a., his podcast … have just been published.

No, they’re not strictly about SMALL TRIMARANS at all. But there is sure to be lots of stuff about tris, including smaller ones, in these podcast shows.

They’re NOT on iTunes (yet). His show will hopefully be featured on iTunes within a few days. (I say this for any hard-core iTunes subscribers out there who might be reading this … you know who you are :-)

In the meantime, you’re free to listen to (or download the show mp3s) directly from the podcast shows’ pages via the main podcast page at http://outrigmedia.com/outrig/podcasts/

Oh yeah, if you haven’t listened to Jim’s introduction to these podcasts then you’re sure to want to hear it at: http://outrigmedia.com/outrig/multihulls-media/announcing-a-new-podcast-with-jim-brown/

2 things we’d love to have your help with:

First, we’d love to hear your thoughts and get your feedback after you listen to a few episodes.

Second, we’d love for you to share the news about Jim’s podcasts with your nautical friends, far and wide. Go ahead and announce it on nautical/sailing forums or your email groups. Or even (gadzooks, dare I say it) … the dreaded FACEBOOK … and other such outrageous, often useless Kardashian-type social media.

I said it.

Anyhow, please feel free to also share the direct link above to Jim’s OutRigMedia podcast page – http://outrigmedia.com/outrig/podcasts/

We hope you have some time to listen and eventually subscribe to Jim’s “Nautical Lore Capercast” podcast show.

Many thanks!

And happy listening :-)