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piver-frolic-trimaran-illustrationSailor / boat designer (and long-time multihuller) Jim Brown shares some conversation with us in this post. (You’re in for a real treat :-)

I interviewed Jim a couple weeks ago about these 2 small trimarans, which were really among the first ones offered via plans for self-builders. Both were successful designs in that they really sailed well.

Speaking as a multihull historian, Jim offers a unique perspective that can only come from one who was “there” during the development of these classic boat designs. (By the way, you can go here to find out more about Jim’s collection of multihull audios).

Also here also are a couple links to multihull sailor / boatbuilder Richard Fraser’s website, where he has a couple pages dedicated to Arthur Piver’s multihulls. The illustration of the “Frolic” is linked to from this larger image on his site. The first webpage is here … and the 2nd webpage is here.


The picture image below features both a Frolic (on the right) along with the larger Nugget (on the left).

Depending upon the PC or mobile device you’re using to view this page, you can listen to part one of my interview with Jim (mp3) either on the audio bar (if you can see it)…

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Below is volume one of Jim’s memoir “Among the Multihulls” on Amazon…