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If you haven’t heard, multihull pioneer Jim Brown has finally released volume one of his memoir, entitled, “Among the Multihulls.” (Volume two is now in the works).

I asked Jim if he’d like to record a short phone chat with me so he could share a few primary thoughts about this publication for multihull lovers around the world. He agreed.

Jim is a great storyteller. Ironically, he shares on this audio clip that requests for his stories from other sailors is actually the major reason why this memoir came about in the first place.

I really think multihull enthusiasts of all stripes are going to love this book. But don’t take my word for it! Listen to Jim and see for yourself if you think this bit of multihull history & lore should find a place on your bookshelf.

If you’ve got about 20 minutes then grab a cup of java (or tea or other favorite beverage) and click the link below to listen online:

Click here to listen to the audio featuring Jim Brown as he talks about this new memoir, “Among the Multihulls”.

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