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On July 8th, Duckworks owner Chuck Leinweber let me know Frank Smoot (from diy-tris.com) had just released building plans for a new small trimaran. Frank calls this new boat the “Slingshot 16.”

If you’re a regular reader of this site, then you’ll already know we’ve previously featured Frank’s boats in posts such as this one. Frank has learned a lot about small tris in a really short period of time. He is a really fast boatbuilder too!

Chuck was very impressed with these new building plans. He wrote, “…they are really as complete and precise set of plans as I have ever seen.”

slingshot-16-trimaranAbout a day after I heard from Chuck L., SmallTrimarans reader Tom Williams sent me the following info after purchasing a set of these plans (he gave me permission to share his comments):

“Frank Smoot, of DIY TRIS, who you have highlighted previously, finally made very very detailed plans for his 16 ft trimaran, plans now known as slingshot 16. I have purchased plans today and am very impressed. Comes as an instant download/pdf. Construction manual =78 pages, drawings= 58 pages. Super duper detail on those drawings. He said that he spent alot of time getting these perfect, as he has purchased alot of plans that seemed lacking. I can tell you having purchased plans from 2 other well known designers that these are the best I have ever seen.”

Tom has started a blog in order to share details and pictures of the building of his boat here: http://slingshot16.blogspot.com/

You can read the short bio about Frank at Duckworks here…

And here is the info page about the building plans for the new Slingshot 16 trimaran design…

Anyone interested in purchasing a set of plans for this boat may do so at the link above.