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The following “beach trimaran” is currently for sale (at the time of this writing) in Sanguinet, France. You can see the posting for it here.

I’ve directly linked the following pics of the boat to their location on that website. Thank you to John L. for sending me the link to this boat and sharing it with us.

I cannot imagine a solo sailor wanting to sail a beach cat instead of this. Yes, we’re biased ;-)

Perhaps one of our readers can provide more details about this particular model. The following is a translation of the sparse info on the sales page:

Beach trimaran: Hop

Multihull sailboats


Trimaran Hop:

From designer Pascal Mourgue, 1987. Documentation.

Complete, good general condition, trailer

Small, light boat, fast, easy to assemble and disassemble.

Firm price

Sanguinet (France)