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We featured the beach trimaran named “Hop” in this post last summer. There were some good pics, but no video of the boat sailing.

Site contributor Ian McGehee recently found this video of a Hop under sail and shares the YT video link with us here (below). Ian also commented: “This was an interesting 1980’s design that you featured a while back when one was up for sale, not a lot here but it’s nice to see how it performs under sail…pretty much as I’d suspected based on the slinky shapes (not a ton of inherent righting moment from the amas) and lower tech materials of that era- she’s probably fairly heavy by modern standards and combined with all that structure things are very low in the water…. which makes for a pretty wet ride considering the mild surface conditions. Still looks fun as hell, just maybe not so much when it’s not warm out.”

Here is the video…