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Sailor Eric Dahlkamp’s self-built “small-Weta-wanna-be” boat he named SQUIRT is just about ready to splash. All I can say is, “Wow,” when it comes to seeing the images of this boat as the building progressed. We first saw it here.

Even though Eric’s build took many unconventional twists and turns he ends up with an amazing-looking craft. He comments a bit below, but the photos really do the talking.

Eric’s work gives all us self-builders high goals to shoot for! Be sure to scroll all the way down and view ALL of the pictures … PLUS 2 videos.

Again, I say, “Wow.”

Eric writes:

Been building Squirt for some time, three years actually. She’s pretty close to the finish line, launch should be soon. Thought I share now, then update with sailing video when that happens. Don’t hold your breath though, at 70 I move slow.

I’ve included pictures that will horrify most real boat builders and send shudders down the spine of the timid. What was I thinking? Well, she ‘evolved’ is all I can say. My first concept was pretty simple. Add amas to a Snark, pop her in the water and go sailing. That idea didn’t last long. But, I had no idea when I started she’d end up here.

I spare everyone the horrific details of the actual vaka build. Lots of onecstep forward, two back…funny.

Amas are mostly foam except for the little extender box section. Sides of that section are glassed naturally. Foam is solid fore and ccx aft of it and top and bottom of it.

Her metamorphosis has been a grand experiment in what-if’s and possibility exploration for me. Kept me busy and out of trouble which is a good thing. And, she hasn’t turned out half bad either. Her sailing qualities are yet to be seen, but she looks like she’ll do just fine. Did float her a couple times as the build ‘progressed’.

Anyway, here she is. Called her ‘Squirt’, she’s a mini ‘Crosswins’ in away. Hope you enjoy.

— Eric Dahlkamp