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epoxy-basics-ebookAs you already may know, Russell Brown is the son of famous multihull designer Jim Brown. Although he’d never say so himself, Russ is probably one of the most knowledgeable individuals around when it comes to building boats in wood, fiberglass and epoxy.

After many years of building and repairing different boats, there is no doubt one is likely to pick up more than a few tricks of the trade. Hands-on-experience is the best teacher.

Russ’s current business in Port Townsend, Washington offers, among other things, “nesting dinghy” kits to owners of cruising vessels. But Russell is now publishing materials that show readers how to work with glass & epoxy in ways that save them a great deal of time and effort.

I think the real value of Russell’s knowledge, however, may be in his ability to help boatbuilders make things look really nice. Epoxy applications can look very attractive when proper techniques are applied.

With this in mind, I am happy to refer you here, which will direct you to a page on Russell’s website featuring a new ebook for those who are either new to working with epoxy … or would simply like to see effective techniques demonstrated by a skilled artisan.

Click here to visit the webpage at Russell Brown’s PTWATERCRAFT site where you can find out more about this ebook if interested about learning how to work with epoxy in ways that produce superior-looking results.