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This info comes from an email I received this week from Duckworks Boat Builders Supply.

One of their customers downloaded a set of free plans for the Drifter 16 trimaran and then built the boat over a period of the 3 1/2 months. The boat looks great.

For the short story shared via email sent out from Duckworks, click this link: https://mailchi.mp/a68e9163b03b/boat-shop-news?e=ae6a982384

The following pics are linked to their location at the Duckworks’ server…

Here is small part of what, Mic D. (the builder) builder, wrote:
“During the summer my son, who lives right next to me, got his girls interested in sailing. First on a Sunfish, then on a Hobie Cat 16. They moved near us in Florida in the winter. When they got here they took sailing lessons on a Catalina 31. When I got back to Florida I felt the girls needed a boat they could sail here. I did some research and decided the drifter 16 would be right for them, and I was confident in my ability to build it. I was delighted when I discovered your free download, which turned out to be very well detailed. I built it in about 3 1/2 months and encountered no problems.”

To read all that Mic shared in the Duckworks email about this particular build click here: https://mailchi.mp/a68e9163b03b/boat-shop-news?e=ae6a982384

The free building plans for the Drifter 16 can be found on the Duckworks site here: https://duckworks.com/drifter-16-plans/?mc_cid=6ae736b540

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