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Sailing friend Ian McGehee sent me the link to the YouTube vid (below). It features an interesting sailing outrigger kayak. (Thanks again Ian :-)

*** READERS, PLEASE NOTE, this is NOT Ian’s boat – he found this boat and shared the link to it, as he has found links/videos to many small tris with us over the years.

Ian writes: “Hi Joe, just saw this short video of a DIY tri conversion that has some interesting design solutions.”

Here is the video’s write up on its YT page: “In this episode I show how I transform my kayak to a trimaran sailboat with pontoons, mainsail and furling jib. I plan a trip in the ice cold sea outside Ingarö in the Stockholm archipelago. I pack my kayak at the beach of Mörtviken as the sun rises.”

Here also is an earlier video posted by this kayak sailor, as he tests out the mainsail…