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Sailor Hans Schipper shares some updated pics, along with a short video, of his boat named WATERMUIS (Watermouse). It appears he has the boat really “dialed-in” at this point.

I love that sailing offers the potential (depending upon all the relevant factors, of course) for both thrilling, on the edge rides … or ones where the sailor can kick back and leisurely enjoy a sandwich along with some iced tea. That was in mind as I read Hans’ update about his boat.

Hans writes:

This summer I added about 50 liters of buoyancy to the middle body of the water mouse. Enclosed some photos of the gluing of the foam plates and the covering with 2 layers of 375 grs twill weave and epoxy.

The foam can be sanded around well with a belt sander or a round object covered with sandpaper. For strength a wooden lath laminated under the keel. I also made storage compartments for the mainsail halyard and jib halyard.

The smaller the space, the more precise it all comes. Due to the deeper keel, the wing profiles no longer protrude under the hull so that I can sail onto a beach.

In any case, the boat sails well in very light weather. I can sail almost lying down in the canoe and enjoy the quiet autumn weather and the beautiful cloudy skies on the water.

Little wind is needed to move forward. With more wind I still have my hands too full to make a movie ;-) and there is either a lot of wind or nearly no wind at all. Some pictures, including one of the lazy sailor.

— Hans Schipper

Update: 9/5/20 – New video from Hans