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dc-3-trimaran-building-3Sailor Chuck F. is currently building a DC-3 trimaran. He kindly answered a few of my questions regarding his boat building project and also shares some pics with us here.

Background info about the DC-3 trimaran can be found on this page. Building plans can be obtained from John Marples, the designer.

I’ve been waiting for someone to build this model. Even though it technically fits our criteria for being a small tri (insofar as it’s trailerable), it’s a boat that will be capable of crossing oceans (in theory, at least).

Creature comforts aside, this is certainly a boat that would offer a couple sailors tons of fun for weekending adventures and camp-cruising during vacations. (Thanks for sharing this info with us Chuck! :-)

Here is my short Q & A with Chuck:

Q: — What attracted you to this particular design/model?

A: There are a number of things.
I think the size for building and sailing for one or two people is right.
The swing wing design is the hot ticket.
The “constant camber” design is very stiff and I think visually pleasing .
I’ve known John and Jim for 40 plus years and their plans are hand drawn and they are both better builders than I am, making the plans very easy to follow.
John is always ready with help.

Q: — What has been the most difficult part of the building process so far?

A: Nothing is really difficult , there are some skills to learn if you are new to vacuum bagging .

Q: — Anything particularly enjoyable about the building project?

A: It’s all fun.

Q: — What has been the most unexpected part of it?

A: How hard it is to find suitable wood.

Q: — How has the “constant camber” method worked out so far?

A: There are a lot of pluses, almost ideal shape with minimum spilling and once the skills are learned it’s fast . I built all the panels alone.

Q: — Where do you plan on sailing it after it’s built?

A: No specific plans, of course all the local islands off the SoCal coast .
Maybe down the Mexican coast and up the Baja and trailer home from San Carlos. I would feel comfortable sailing anywhere, I believe it’s the almost perfect size.
This will be my sixth trimaran and I also owned one catamaran.

Making Constant Camber Panels for the Hulls …


Amas (floats) …


Vaka (center) Hull …