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Sailor Rob Wyman shared the following pics with me about his newly purchased DC-3 Trimaran (named KAIMANA) back in May. My apologies to him for taking so long to post.

His boat is one we got a glimpse of being built by Chuck Fenoglio and readied for sail here and here and here.

It appears the boat was beautifully built by Chuck and will no doubt be a wonderful mini-cruising trimaran for its new owner. John Marples is the designer of this craft, by the way.

Many thanks to Rob for letting us see this boat in the water. Regarding this boat, Rob had also shared the following:

“I purchased Kaimana this weekend from Nancy Fenoglio and took 2 of Chuck’s old friends out for an evening sail in Long Beach – my 2nd time out. My wife came along too and took lots of pictures and some videos. Weather was perfect and wind ranged from very light to about 10 knots. We were able to move along at about 3 knots when the wind indicator at the masthead couldn’t decide which direction the wind was coming from. As the wind settled in we ran a steady 7+ knots on the GPS with a peak of 8. I’m not sure if the wind gusted above 10 knots but the weather and sea state sure didn’t look like it. For one run of a few minutes the port hull lifted about 2-3 feet out of the water – I couldn’t tell if the wind had gusted or it was just our point of sail. I let Marty drive the whole time – she never sailed before but spent many hours talking to Chuck while he labored away, so I think she was very excited to feel the boat move. That said, I didn’t really trim the sails much. I still have yet to test the boat with me at the helm – plenty of time for that later. I’ll do my best to let you know how she performs as I get more time on the water in different conditions. This is my first venture in a multi-hull and everything feels good. Unfortunately, I can only compare to my Cal 29 or similar monhulls.