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If you’d like to contact me in order to:

— Ask a question

— Suggest a small trimaran model or topic

— Submit original content or article to be posted

— Share your small trimaran model or experience with other readers

— Etc.

Send an email to me (Algie Bennett… the “Small Tri Guy”) at stg@smalltrimaran.co.uk

About Alg…

Alg Bennett is a designer, builder, tinkerer, inventer and generally a small trimaran enthusiast! He enjoys learning about and sharing information/resources related to small trimarans.

To that end, Alg particularly loves hearing from others in the small tri community in order to share about the boats they’ve built (or are building), including background stories and practical, how-to information.

The first trimaran he built was based on the CLC Sport Tandem which rapidly grew into something rather different!

Information about production boats is always great as well – please send in anything you think can help other enthusiasts discover more about these amazing craft!

The goal is to help and inspire others acquire or build one of these boats so they can have some great fun (and perhaps even a touch of adventure) out on the water. There is nothing quite like slicing through waves in a tri … whether in lakes, inlets, bays, or along ocean shores.

For the Adventure 600 trimaran project please see here!

Adventure 600










After a nightmare 3 years since covid started we are looking to get this project back underway again!

Publisher note: The original publisher of this blog, sailor Joe Farinaccio, retired from publishing marine-related content in June of 2023.