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Eagle Motor-Powered Trimaran Sea Trials Report

Seasoned boater (and DIY boat-builder) Gerry Lavoie has been building an Eagle Power Trimaran over the winter. He already shared a bit about his build here.

In this post, Gerry provides us with some nice details of his sea trials with this new boat. This power craft should provide required features for the extended outdoor trips he wants to take.


Eagle Trimaran
by Gerry Lavoie

I have taken the Eagle Trimaran twice to the local lake. The boat is everything that James Brett says it is. (more…)

Wheelchair Adaptive Stand-Up Paddleboard (WASUP)

A young man from San Diego State University’s school of Mechanical Engineering contacted me a few months ago and shared a project they were working on. It involved merging the concept of a SUP with outriggers so a person using a wheelchair can get out on the water.

His team’s senior design project was to build a Wheelchair Adaptive Stand-Up Paddleboard (WASUP). The paddleboard needed to be able to withstand up to 3 riders, totaling about 800 pounds. The full design included a main paddleboard, two outriggers to prevent overturning, and two wooden iakos connected to the main board. (more…)

Aquadyne Sailbird 18 in Texas

In this post, sailor Sam C. shares a couple pics and short video featuring his classic Aquadyne Sailbird 18 trimaran. I am so glad he was able to use this website as a resource to ultimately acquire a proper set of sails for this boat.

(Backstory on this included below.)

Sam writes:

My Aquadyne Sailbird 18

I acquired the boat several years ago from a friend who had purchased it at an auction. She and her husband decided to move to Croatia (missionaries) and she asked me if I would be willing to take the boat since they didn’t have sufficient time to put it up for sale and all that goes along with that. (more…)

Squirt Trimaran Update

Sailor Eric Dahlkamp shares an update on the small trimaran he built out using a repurposed Snark for the center hull. He is now in the process of tweaking this craft so both he and his wife can enjoy it in their retirement.

See the previous posts about this particular boat here and here.

Eric has some great building skills, which enables him to both build a boat that looks great and sails well. (I shall try and not be too jealous in this regard, okay :-)

Many thanks to him for sharing this new info with us. (more…)

Flying on the Water in Lithuania

Sailing friend Stefano sent me the link to this trimaran a few days ago. It’s for sale in Lithuania.

See the sales page here: https://www.boat24.com/it/barcheavela/trimaran/detail/447991/

At Stef’s suggestion, I reached out to the builder and current owner of this boat. And he was happy to answer a few questions and share a bunch of photos, and also some video clips, which I linked together in order to create the YouTube video below. (more…)

A RAID in the Middle of Uruguay

Small trimaran sailor Daniel Caselli sent me a link to the following video this past week. It showcases scenes from a RAID that took place in Uruguay.

What great fun! Sailing small boats and enjoying small boat talk with other “boat people.”

Daniel writes:

“Herewith a video of a raid with other boats, last weekend, an island of a big dawn reservoir in the middle of Uruguay, Represa Rincón del Bonete on the Rio Negro.

The trimaran, called “O-Vives”, is a Trika 540-2 designed by Metz Boats from Germany, and built two years ago in Piriápolis, Atlantic East coast of Uruguay.” (more…)

New Canoe with Canoe Outriggers

Below is a video of a very nice-looking canoe with double outriggers. (Thank you to blog reader Paul V. for sharing it with us)!

The excitement one feels during launch day – after investing lots of time and money to build the boat – is a big part of making the event a great memory. And it’s even better, of course, when supportive family and friends are present.

The canoe, crossbeams and floats are owner-built using building plans from boat designer Michael Storer. (more…)

HydroRunner – PWC DIY Build

Personal watercraft (PWC), are also known as “water scooters.” The Hydrorunner is advertised as being one a DIY person can build themselves from plans.

The Hydrorunner features a small pair of outriggers. And a powerful motor, of course.

Pretty neat. An excerpt from the plan sales page reads as follows:

Build this high-performance personal watercraft and power it with an outboard engine. It was featured in Popular Mechanics magazine. Makes a great father/son project. (more…)

Dialed-In Watermouse

Sailor Hans Schipper shares some updated pics, along with a short video, of his boat named WATERMUIS (Watermouse). It appears he has the boat really “dialed-in” at this point.

I love that sailing offers the potential (depending upon all the relevant factors, of course) for both thrilling, on the edge rides … or ones where the sailor can kick back and leisurely enjoy a sandwich along with some iced tea. That was in mind as I read Hans’ update about his boat. (more…)

2 Trimaran Designs from Nimbus Boats

Thanks to one of our readers, who shared the following 2 small tri designs from naval architect and boat builder Malcolm Barnsley. The two are very different from each other.

I assume both sailboats can be built from either building plans or kit, but one should contact the designer to inquire.

The first boat is the Nimbus 9. The first bit of copy reads:

Nimbus 9 is a single seat mini trimaran from the drawing board of Sailrocket designer Malcolm Barnsley. She is aimed at people with reduced mobility, but also learners and anyone seeking the thrill of a fast ride with greater comfort safety than the standard racing dinghies and beach cats. (more…)

Caiaque Trimaran à Vela Extreme Adventure

The Caiaque Trimaran is a sailing kayak with foldable beams/amas. It’s yet another find sent to us by sailor Hien Ngo.

Is there a dedicated website for this little craft? I’m not sure, although there is this Facebook page advertising it.

I don’t know about “extreme adventure,” but I do know this little sailer looks like fun for an afternoon out on the water with some friends. And that’s good enough to put a nice smile on many faces. (more…)

The Pasquale Trimaran Sea Adventure

Sailor Diogo Nunes sent me info about this model, called the Pasquale Trimaran. The main website is here.

Diogo owns and sails one and says, “The guy who builds the boat is always sailing with us. He is the biggest fan of the Pasquale Trimaran.”

This one is a wet ride. Perfect for warmer weather.

The video below begs for a sailor to get on the hiking seat and join in on the fun. (more…)

Getting Squirt Ready to Sail

Sailor Eric Dahlkamp’s self-built “small-Weta-wanna-be” boat he named SQUIRT is just about ready to splash. All I can say is, “Wow,” when it comes to seeing the images of this boat as the building progressed. We first saw it here.

Even though Eric’s build took many unconventional twists and turns he ends up with an amazing-looking craft. He comments a bit below, but the photos really do the talking.

Eric’s work gives all us self-builders high goals to shoot for! Be sure to scroll all the way down and view ALL of the pictures … PLUS 2 videos.

Again, I say, “Wow.” (more…)