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Small Boat Fun in Cedar Key (with Jim Brown)

In his latest “capercast,” Jim Brown shares about his trip to the yearly small boat gathering in Cedar Key, Florida. He tells a couple great stories, along with some details about interesting developments in the boating marketplace.

He begins, however, with a fascinating report about a sailor who has (supposedly) crossed the Tasman Sea in a 17-foot Windrider trimaran. (Can anyone help Jim confirm this)? (more…)

Jim Brown’s Nautical Lore Capercast (Podcast) Launches

nl-2decover-300x300-podcast-5The first 2 episodes of Jim Brown’s “Nautical Lore Capercast” … a.k.a., his podcast … have just been published.

No, they’re not strictly about SMALL TRIMARANS at all. But there is sure to be lots of stuff about tris, including smaller ones, in these podcast shows.

They’re NOT on iTunes (yet). His show will hopefully be featured on iTunes within a few days. (I say this for any hard-core iTunes subscribers out there who might be reading this … you know who you are :-) (more…)

Jim Brown’s SCRIMSHAW Rescue – Part One

scrimshaw-paintingJim Brown is in the process of helping to rescue his old, beloved cruising trimaran SCRIMSHAW. His friend Bruce M. just bought the boat from the fellow Jim sold it to 3 years ago.

This isn’t strictly “small trimaran” related, per se, but Jim is always sooooo entertaining when it comes to his multihull storytelling … this audio was just too good not to share with you here on smalltrimarans.

He has told me in the past (and loves to share with anyone with a listening ear) that, “Sailing is about continuing to learn something new every time you go out in a boat.” (more…)

Still More on the Classic Piver Nugget Trimaran (Jim Brown Audio Interview)

jim-brown-sailing-his-piver-nugget-trimaran-late-1950sHere we feature one more short audio interview with Jim Brown talking about the Piver Nugget tri. In this audio clip, Jim talks specifically about certain Nugget design features that all came together very well.

Jim’s explanation really coveys how the Nugget’s design offered self-builders an opportunity to get out on the water and experience multihull fun … on a budget. And the word “budget” is key here.

Economy. Affordability. Accessibility. (more…)

Jim Brown on Arthur Piver’s Frolic & Nugget Trimarans – Part 2

arthur-piver-designed-jim-brown-built-nugget-trimaran-1This is part 2 of my interview with sailor / boat designer (and long-time multihuller) Jim Brown. This segment focuses on the Piver Nugget trimaran.

I’ve also posted a very short video clip of Jim (as a young man) sailing his old Nugget, which comes from one chapter of Jim’s video commentary of “Among the Mutihulls”.

Jim was “there” during the emergence of modern multihulls in the 20th century. His own Nugget trimaran was a sailing machine too … his description of it in the longer video is pretty neat. (more…)

Jim Brown on Arthur Piver’s Frolic & Nugget Trimarans – Part 1

piver-frolic-trimaran-illustrationSailor / boat designer (and long-time multihuller) Jim Brown shares some conversation with us in this post. (You’re in for a real treat :-)

I interviewed Jim a couple weeks ago about these 2 small trimarans, which were really among the first ones offered via plans for self-builders. Both were successful designs in that they really sailed well.

Speaking as a multihull historian, Jim offers a unique perspective that can only come from one who was “there” during the development of these classic boat designs. (By the way, you can go here to find out more about Jim’s collection of multihull audios). (more…)

Audio: Frank Jackson of Rocky Mountain Safari on DIY Boats

I interviewed Frank Jackson, from Rocky Mountain Safari this week. Frank lives in Colorado where he uses small trimarans to help others get out on the water for camp-cruising adventures.

We’ve already featured Frank’s boats here. But I wanted to actually have a conversation with him about the DIY approach he used in order to create these fun tris.

Here are the boats we talked about … (more…)

Introducing the CHS X19 Sport Trimaran Sailboat (Audio Interview)

How about an audio interview about the CHS X19 Sport Trimaran — a new sailboat that is about to be built by Charlotte Harbor Sails in Florida? Charlotte Harbor’s proprietor, John Lange, was specifically looking for a boat with its features.

John was able to find just what he was looking for in this model, which is a design by Kurt Hughes. (My short audio interview with John is found below). (more…)

Jim Brown Talks with Frank Smoot About Small Trimarans

Jim Brown interviewed small trimaran sailor and self-boatbuilder Frank Smoot on the topic of small trimarans last week. In this audio clip featured on YouTube (below), Frank shares how he got into building and sailing his own homemade trimarans. Frank even started his own website so he could post free information about them at www.DIY-tris.com.

In the full audio interview (in MP3) from which this clip is taken, Frank talks about some of the techniques that he uses to create boats that are both lightweight and strong … yet inexpensive (as compared to typical boatbuilding costs). (more…)

Malibu Outrigger & Triad Trimaran: A Comparison (Audio Interview)

In this post, you’re invited to listen to a short audio clip. It features a recent interview I conducted with longtime multihull sailor, boatbuilder and marine entrepreneur Mike Eaton, who shared a few memories about the Malibu Outrigger and the Triad trimaran. (He even throws in a few favorable comments about the Piver Nugget too). (more…)

Multihull Audio Interview (Excerpt) Featuring Jim Brown Interviewing Meade Gougeon

What would multihull pioneer Jim Brown say during a phone chat with legendary multi-designer Dick Newick and innovative boatbuilder Meade Gougeon on the other end of the line?

Here is your chance to find out! Well, at least, part of the conversation anyway :-)

In the previous post about Jan Gougeon’s newest tri-hulled creation, we link to this post, which features Meade spending a few minutes talking about this unique craft. (more…)

Seaclipper 20 Trimaran Launching at the WoodenBoat School – Audio Interview with Jim Brown

A couple days ago, Jim Brown forwarded these photos taken by a friend during the launching of the Seaclipper 20 trimaran built at the WoodenBoat school. Both Jim and John Marples taught one of the boatbuilding classes there this summer. The fact all participants were able to get this boat to the point where it was able to sit on the water (in just under 2 weeks) is remarkable.

I asked Jim if he’d participate in a short phone recording with me so he could share a few thoughts about the Seaclipper 20 trimaran boatbuilding class. He kindly agreed. (more…)

Building the Drifter 17 Trimaran – Interview with Mark Gumprecht

The Drifter 17 trimaran is a fabulous-looking craft built by Mark Gumprecht. Having previously designed, built & sailed smaller tris, Mark has spent recent months building this beauty, which features both cockpit and small cuddy cabin for camp-cruising. And it’s all set upon a platform with a LOA of just 17′. (more…)