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B&B Mini Trimaran Sailing (Video)

Ian McGehee sent me this newly posted video link of the small trimaran designed by B and B Yacht Designs. We first featured this boat here.

Lots of work went into the building of this particular boat. It’s a beaut … and even utilizes Hobie Mirage Drive foot pedals (or ones of similar design). These would be a great assist in getting the craft to its destination in light airs.

Ian noted this video of the B&B mini tri shows off this design under sail with stronger wind than the sea trial video on B and B’s webpage. (Nice find Ian – thank you for sharing this with us!) (more…)

Abandoned Piver Trimaran on Corfu

Tom C. sent the following trimaran pics to me, taken on the island of Corfu. (Is Corfu as lovely as it was depicted in that PBS television series a couple years back? :-)

Tom wrote, in part:

“I live on Corfu and have caught the Trimaran / River bug. There is one here on a beach which has been left for over 5 years. Sadly I think it is too far gone with the ply suffering extensive water damage.
….sad to see her go to waste!”

Waterlust Canoe with Double Outriggers

The Waterlust expedition canoe is a sailing canoe designed by Chesapeake Light Craft. CLC offers it as a kit for DIY homebuilders.

Here is the webpage featuring the Waterlust Canoe on CLC site: https://www.clcboats.com/boatbuilding-news-events/waterlust-expedition-canoes.html One paragraph describing this canoe summarizes it as follows: (more…)

Farrier F25 Trimaran Mast for Sale (Texas)

Anyone interested in acquiring the mast (and some other hardware) from an F25 trimaran? Sailor Thomas B. emailed to let us know about his Craigslist post featuring the mast, which can be found here: https://austin.craigslist.org/bpo/d/austin-trimaran-sailboat-mast-30-foot/7430214027.html

He wrote: “I plan to disassemble a farrier f25 in the next few months. The hulls and ammas have delaminated, and so are trash. The hinges and other hardware are in good shape though. Before I just take them to be recycled I was wondering where I could announce their availability for anyone planning to build a farrier.” (more…)

Piver 25 Trimaran Launch (Awhile Back)

Self-boatbuilder / sailor Richard Fraser shares a couple photos of the launching of his Piver 25 trimaran years ago. This is one of the classic boat designs from Arthur Piver that initially set a certain expectation for modern small trimarans.

Lots of sailors’ lives were impacted through their experience with Piver’s boats back in the 60s (and later). Many became thorough multihull enthusiasts.

Richard writes: (more…)

Nicky Cruz 25 Yearly Cleaning

I received a warm hello from multihull designer Graeme Delaveau, via Christmas email, this past week. Included in his message he wrote: “Here are some recent pics off the Nicky Cruz 25 on the cradle and the Catamaran both getting some much needed love.”

See pics below.

The Nicky Cruz 25 model was featured in my 2nd small trimarans book. These pics feature the boat receiving routine maintenance. This is a part of boat ownership some folks don’t like. Others of us don’t mind, simply seeing it as being a part of owning something that gives us so many hours of fun each season on the water. (more…)

Kayaking Joe’s Double Outrigger Sailing Kayak

I recently discovered “Kayaking Joe” blog: https://kayakingjoe.blogspot.com

You can check out his double outrigger sailing kayak on the pages, including this page: https://kayakingjoe.blogspot.com/2013/07/ready-to-sail.html

No doubt lots of solo work went into putting this DIY boat together. Lots of conceptual thinking too.

Here are 2 short vids posted on YT… (more…)

Canoe Sailing with Simple Outrigger Floats

What a beautiful setting to do some canoe sailing. And this fellow does it in elegant simplicity.

Simple boat.

Simple rig.

Island hopping.

Camp cruising most days. But also stayed in a B & B at least one night during one of these trips.

This is the stuff of a middle class sailor’s dreams (psssst, that would be some of us :-) (more…)

A Curious Boat For Questionable Adventures

We featured the work of sailor Kellan Hatch awhile back in 2 posts. See here: http://smalltrimaran.co.uk/a-homebuilt-clc-mill-creek-trimaran/ … and here: http://smalltrimaran.co.uk/camp-cruising-coastal-sailing-in-the-xcr-trimaran/

I only recently found this article by Kellan on the duckworks site (even though it was linked from another article that I’d posted on Duckworks). This is essentially more info about the CLC Mill Creek Trimaran he built.

Angus Rowboat & Sailboat Kit

The Angus Rowboat / sailboat was featured on smalltrimarans awhile back on this page. The kit plans for this boat (including the added double outriggers) can be found on the following pages at Duckworks:

The basic RowCruiser kit can be seen here: https://duckworks.com/rowcruiser-angus-rowboats-cruising-rowboat-kit/?mc_cid=cf9e9af233 (more…)

Squirt Trimaran Dialed In

Sailor Eric Dahlkamp sent the following via email this past weekend. All the hard work has paid off and now he gets to enjoy the boat, hopefully, for years to come.

What a great, fun craft to enjoy in retirement. Messing about with a small tri on the water.

Does it get any better when it comes to watersports? Not so much, for some of us.

(Thanks for sharing this info and the new videos (below) with us Eric :-) (more…)

Philippine Double Outriggers at Work

Here are some really neat videos featuring traditional Philippine watercraft. Double outrigger canoes at work.

Smalltrimarans reader Hien Ngo sent these links (thanks again Hien).

It’s said that all boat designs are a compromise of this or that, one way or the other. But it’s hard for some of us to look at these boats and not see them as a wonderful blend of simplicity, function and efficiency. (more…)

Outback Mike’s Double Outrigger Canoe Adventure

Small tri friend Hien Ngo sent me the following info regarding a unique double outrigger canoe historical project / modern adventure. A fellow called OutBack Mike put a lot of time and effort the canoe-build and subsequent expedition, as seen below via vids on YouTube.


I’ve never heard of Outback Mike before. He appears to have some bona fide skills when it comes to this sorta stuff though. (more…)

Recent Squirt Trimaran Updates

Sailor Eric Dahlkamp shares some recent updates to “Squirt,” his latest (self-built) trimaran. We’ve featured the progressive story of Squirt (thank to Eric) in previous posts – here and here and here.

Great info and a few short videos show us what Eric is doing to dial-in this boat. Many thanks to him again for these recent updates.


Eric writes:

I’m loving Squirt, my self-built 13’ converted Snark Trimaran. (more…)

Triple B Trimaran Fix

Sailor (and self-boatbuilder) Hans Schipper has been enjoying his boat – Triple B – this season. He recently had an issue with the mast, however, that needed to be fixed.

The story is below with a few pics included. As he notes, is the type of issue builders need to handle. Thanks to Hans for sharing this update with us.


Hans writes:

Hi Joe,
No information about a new trimaran but about how the triple B holds up in use. (more…)

Building a Cedar Strip Trimaran

Recently discovered this article on Duckworks Magazine site. It features the building of a cedar strip sailing trimaran.

The boat looks great. Lots of time went into this build, no doubt. Although I do have some questions about the shape of the floats.

Images are linked to directly at the Duckworks site. Be sure to visit each of the links to read the full story, and see all of the pics. (more…)