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Triak for Sale in Zephyrhills FL

Here is a Triak double outrigger sailing kayak for sale on Craigslist, at the time of this posting, in Zephyrhills, Florida. (Thanks to Edward Hiestand for sharing this link with us)!

This unique design is no longer being manufactured. It’s a shame because Triaks are very desirable craft for certain kayak sailing enthusiasts.

The images of the boat on this page are linked to directly from their location on the Craigslist site. The ad copy reads: (more…)

Hop Trimaran in France

The following “beach trimaran” is currently for sale (at the time of this writing) in Sanguinet, France. You can see the posting for it here.

I’ve directly linked the following pics of the boat to their location on that website. Thank you to John L. for sending me the link to this boat and sharing it with us.

I cannot imagine a solo sailor wanting to sail a beach cat instead of this. Yes, we’re biased ;-)

Perhaps one of our readers can provide more details about this particular model. The following is a translation of the sparse info on the sales page: (more…)

Aquadyne Sailbird 18 in Texas

In this post, sailor Sam C. shares a couple pics and short video featuring his classic Aquadyne Sailbird 18 trimaran. I am so glad he was able to use this website as a resource to ultimately acquire a proper set of sails for this boat.

(Backstory on this included below.)

Sam writes:

My Aquadyne Sailbird 18

I acquired the boat several years ago from a friend who had purchased it at an auction. She and her husband decided to move to Croatia (missionaries) and she asked me if I would be willing to take the boat since they didn’t have sufficient time to put it up for sale and all that goes along with that. (more…)

The Vortex Podracer

Is the Vortex Podracer in commercial production? I’d never heard of this design / model until small tri contributor Algie Bennett shared the following link with me this week.

The home webpage for it currently says, “The Vortex pod racer has been specifically designed to make high-speed foiling both safe and accessible to a larger audience. Eliminating the previously prohibitive factors of agility, fitness and sailing knowledge, the Vortex pod racer moves high-performance foiling into a new era and brings foiler flying to experienced sailors, novice pilots and extreme sports enthusiasts alike.” (more…)

Maora for Sale

A little Maora trimaran for sale. In France.

We’ve seen this dinghy tri before here.

The sales page for this boat, which will not be up for long, can be seen here.

Some details from the sales page include the following:

MAORA is a mini trimaran of 3 m and 68 kg, dismountable, transportable on the roof of a car. Lively, fast, agile and full of tricks it will give you sensations that no other leisure sailing boat can offer.
Its 6 m² non-haubaned rigging gives it power and flexibility. It is a very pleasant sailing boat, always flat and running straight, even in gusts of wind. It can be used up to 15 knots of wind for a beginner and 20 knots for more experienced sailors. (more…)

Kanka 14 Trimaran Now Available

Small Tri reader Barry N. emailed to let us know some more info about the Kanka 14 trimaran was now available. (Thank you Barry!)

This sailboat is a new model from Yacht Design Collective in Morbihan, France.

We posted info regarding the Kanka 14 last year here.

The main webpage for this boat can be viewed here. But anyone interested may directly contact their team and receive additional information, including PDF documents. (more…)

Astus 14.5 In Development

Sailor Pedro Ortiz sent me a link to the new Astus 14.5 trimaran. Pedro himself sails an Astus 20.1 trimaran in NW Spain. (Many thanks to him!)

The new 14.5 will apparently be a bit different from their original 14-foot design from years back – the Astus 14.1. We certainly look forward to seeing it in production and on the water.

All the best to Astus (and marine businesses everywhere) as they try to navigate through this year’s craziness. (more…)

Caiaque Trimaran à Vela Extreme Adventure

The Caiaque Trimaran is a sailing kayak with foldable beams/amas. It’s yet another find sent to us by sailor Hien Ngo.

Is there a dedicated website for this little craft? I’m not sure, although there is this Facebook page advertising it.

I don’t know about “extreme adventure,” but I do know this little sailer looks like fun for an afternoon out on the water with some friends. And that’s good enough to put a nice smile on many faces. (more…)

The Pasquale Trimaran Sea Adventure

Sailor Diogo Nunes sent me info about this model, called the Pasquale Trimaran. The main website is here.

Diogo owns and sails one and says, “The guy who builds the boat is always sailing with us. He is the biggest fan of the Pasquale Trimaran.”

This one is a wet ride. Perfect for warmer weather.

The video below begs for a sailor to get on the hiking seat and join in on the fun. (more…)

Libertist 703 In Production

We first posted about Libertist trimarans here. One of our readers just emailed and said the Libertist 703 has now followed the larger 853 model into production.

This boat appears to combine some unique features. We’re looking forward to seeing a video of it under sail.

A couple renderings follow, which are linked to at their locations at the Libertist website: (more…)

A Bit of Silence in Hungary

Here is a larger small tri that got some press during the 2019 Budapest boat expo. Its name is SILENCE and the rig and multiple rudders are features that may grab your attention.

I’ll link to a couple different webpages (Hungarian, naturally), which can be widely read using a translate tool, such as Google’s.

https://hajozas.hu/magazin/vitorlazas/hungexpo-hungarian-silence-kulondij-budapest-boat-show-2019/ (more…)

Pedal Power with a 360 TriCat

The 360 TriCat is a small trimaran pedal-fishing platform from Blue Sky Boatworks. One of the persons very influential in the development of this boat is Andy Zimmerman, the original developer of the Windrider brand.

Blog contributor Hien Ngo shared the following two links with us.

First up is the webpage ad for the boat: https://store.jacksonadventures.com/blue-sky-boatworks-360-tricat/ (more…)

Unifloat – A Tiny Motoring-Fishing Platform

Here is a tiny motoring-fishing platform called the “Unifloat.” The thing folds up and can fit inside a small car.

When I first saw this little boat I immediately surmised it would likely take approximately 2 minutes (or less) for me to fall out of it into the water. But that’s just me ;-)

Anyhow, check out a couple pics and YouTube vids of the Unifloat below. (more…)

Wavewalk No Longer Offering Folding Outriggers

As a follow up to the previous post, here is a discussion against adding amas to a kayak known as the Wavewalk. The Wavewalk is billed as “The World’s Most Stable Fishing Kayak, Microskiff, and Cartop Boat.” The developer used to offer outriggers for one of it’s models.

They stopped offering outriggers for the fishing kayak because of the following reasons (directly quoted below) from their article found here:

  • Extra drag
    Typical outriggers are several times shorter than the kayak’s hull itself. This means that as the kayak moves, the outriggers move at speeds that are many times higher than their own hull speed (Froude number). This generates a disproportionately large amount of Residual resistance (Rr) as well as extra Frictional resistance (Fr)
  • (more…)