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12′ Tanzanian Ngalawa Style Outrigger Canoe

Our sailing friend Ian McGehee shares his latest small trimaran project with us here – a Ngalawa style outrigger canoe. Ian has contributed to a lot of great info on this blog over the years, and this time is no different.

Lots of pics to go along with detailed info about how he put this boat together. This appears to be a lightweight, versatile, and stable platform for outdoor fun.


Ian writes:

Here’s some info on my windsurfer based ngalawa style amas and adjustable
crossarm system made from thrift store crutches, an aluminum closet pole and
bits and pieces from the hardware store. I’ve been fascinated by the ngalawa
since I first learned of them and this design is sort of a test bed/proof of
concept that allows me to experiment with modernizing their unique architecture
and exploiting the “sprung” nature of the crossarm connections. (more…)

Nice Write Up & Pics of Solway Dory Sailing Canoes

Here is a nice little write-up (with pics) of Solway Dory sailing canoes in the UK. The full blog article is linked to below.

Article Snip:
I’ve been thinking a lot about canoe sailing lately, for various reasons. I recently sold my first sailing canoe Spy, to a sailor up in Salem, Mass. on Boston’s north shore, and that empty rack in the canoe shed has got me thinking. I have often wondered what I might do with a sailing canoe design if I started from scratch, with no pretensions to racing in any organized sense, but with the intention of building a wholesome and seaworthy canoe for day sailing and cruising. It was while banging around the internet in search of all things canoe sailing, that I came across the Open Canoe Sailing Group (OCSG) and Solway Dory, the UK builder of sailing canoes and rigs. (more…)

Very Odd Small Trimaran

A very odd small trimaran indeed!

Sailing friend Ian McGehee shared the following links with us a few days ago. They appear to promote a small tri that is no longer in production.

As Ian notes, however, we can document it for historical purposes, as it certainly is an odd design. Many thanks to him for taking time to share this find with us here on the smalltrimarans blog.

The main link that includes the 2 images below can be found here: https://www.bootveiling.com/en/boats-for-sale/202372/multihull-sailing-boat/trimaran-330/ (more…)

Scarab 18 Trimaran for Sale in NC

One of our readers sent me this CL link to a Scarab 18 Trimaran for sale in Mooresville, North Carolina. At the time of this post, the CL link is: https://charlotte.craigslist.org/boa/d/mooresville-scarab-18-trimaran-sailboat/7486472154.html

All Scarab models are designed with sailing performance in mind and it’s rare to see one advertised for sale here in the USA. Perhaps we can help get the word out about this boat. (more…)

DC3 Trimaran for Sale

One of our readers let me know that the DC3 trimaran we’ve featured on this site previously (being built at the time) is now for sale in Los Angeles. The DC3 is a John Marples design and the CL ad says it was launched in 2021.

There is no doubt a lot of time and effort went into the building of this boat. The asking price seems reasonable too, as this is a trailerable boat with genuine cruising capability. (more…)

Folding Trimaran Shroud

Sailor Thom Davis shares how he solved a problem often associated with folding trimarans. Namely, the lack of an easy method to tension and de-tension mast shrouds in between the folding and unfolding of the boats.

He explains what he is now doing for his boat below. A great write up and video here … and many thanks for sharing it with us!

Thom writes:

Hi Joe.
One common issue with folding trimarans is the likelihood that the shrouds must be tensioned and detensioned each time you fold and unfold. (more…)

2 Rigs on 1 Sailing Canoe

Here is one sailing canoe with 2 different rigs – featured recently on the Open Canoe Sailing Group website: http://www.ocsg.org.uk/marketplace/

A lot of thought and craftsmanship has gone into this particular boat. (And so many of the others featured at OCSG.org).

These pics are linked to at their original location, but this may change in the future. Here the are at the time of publishing this post: (more…)

Sailor Asks for Identity of This Trimaran in NZ

This abandoned trimaran caught the attention of a sailor in Christchurch, New Zealand recently. It’s moored in the bay where he lives.

If any of our readers can identify the designer, model, type or history of this boat then please share in the “Comments” area below.

He sent the following pics, expressing curiosity about this sailboat’s origins. (So we kinda are now curious too :-) (more…)

Trailering and Boarding Watermouse

Sailor Hans Schipper shares a bit more today about his small trimaran named Watermouse. Specifically, he shares some great shots of the custom trailer he designed for the boat, as well as an explanation of how he uses the seat board to get into the boat without getting his feet wet.

Hans has shared about this boat before. See here and here and here for previous posts.

Hans writes:

Hi Joe,
Summer has arrived here extremely early this week. It has never been so warm here in March!
I want to share some experiences using my smallest trimaran, the watermouse. (more…)

Hop Trimaran Under Sail

We featured the beach trimaran named “Hop” in this post last summer. There were some good pics, but no video of the boat sailing.

Site contributor Ian McGehee recently found this video of a Hop under sail and shares the YT video link with us here (below). Ian also commented: “This was an interesting 1980’s design that you featured a while back when one was up for sale, not a lot here but it’s nice to see how it performs under sail…pretty much as I’d suspected based on the slinky shapes (not a ton of inherent righting moment from the amas) and lower tech materials of that era- she’s probably fairly heavy by modern standards and combined with all that structure things are very low in the water…. which makes for a pretty wet ride considering the mild surface conditions. Still looks fun as hell, just maybe not so much when it’s not warm out.”

Here is the video… (more…)

DIY Kayak to Sailing Tri Conversion

Sailing friend Ian McGehee sent me the link to the YouTube vid (below). It features an interesting sailing outrigger kayak. (Thanks again Ian :-)

*** READERS, PLEASE NOTE, this is NOT Ian’s boat – he found this boat and shared the link to it, as he has found links/videos to many small tris with us over the years.

Ian writes: “Hi Joe, just saw this short video of a DIY tri conversion that has some interesting design solutions.”

Here is the video’s write up on its YT page: “In this episode I show how I transform my kayak to a trimaran sailboat with pontoons, mainsail and furling jib. I plan a trip in the ice cold sea outside Ingarö in the Stockholm archipelago. I pack my kayak at the beach of Mörtviken as the sun rises.” (more…)

Tamanu Double Outrigger Canoe Launch

This double outrigger sailing canoe is a model called “Tamanu” (designed by Gary Dierking). You can see more about the Tamanu design here and here and here.

The photo of this particular build, featured on this page at Gary’s blog, shows the boat on its launch day. And what a setting for a new boat launch – Aruba!

The sailor-builder, Andy Wong, apparently shared a video of the boat under sail, which Gary posted on this page (but also posted below): https://outriggersailingcanoes.blogspot.com/2019/01/andys-tamanu-in-aruba.html?m=1 (more…)

Building An OutRigger Canoe on the Cheap

The link below features a proa being built (instead of a trimaran). The techniques and materials, however, may be of interest to many DIY small tri builders as they see how others build outrigger boats.

It may also provide some food for thought on boatbuilding in financially poor areas. This Instructables article is a good follow up to the previous one just posted. (more…)

B&B Mini Trimaran Sailing (Video)

Ian McGehee sent me this newly posted video link of the small trimaran designed by B and B Yacht Designs. We first featured this boat here.

Lots of work went into the building of this particular boat. It’s a beaut … and even utilizes Hobie Mirage Drive foot pedals (or ones of similar design). These would be a great assist in getting the craft to its destination in light airs.

Ian noted this video of the B&B mini tri shows off this design under sail with stronger wind than the sea trial video on B and B’s webpage. (Nice find Ian – thank you for sharing this with us!) (more…)

Abandoned Piver Trimaran on Corfu

Tom C. sent the following trimaran pics to me, taken on the island of Corfu. (Is Corfu as lovely as it was depicted in that PBS television series a couple years back? :-)

Tom wrote, in part:

“I live on Corfu and have caught the Trimaran / River bug. There is one here on a beach which has been left for over 5 years. Sadly I think it is too far gone with the ply suffering extensive water damage.
….sad to see her go to waste!”

Waterlust Canoe with Double Outriggers

The Waterlust expedition canoe is a sailing canoe designed by Chesapeake Light Craft. CLC offers it as a kit for DIY homebuilders.

Here is the webpage featuring the Waterlust Canoe on CLC site: https://www.clcboats.com/boatbuilding-news-events/waterlust-expedition-canoes.html One paragraph describing this canoe summarizes it as follows: (more…)

Farrier F25 Trimaran Mast for Sale (Texas)

Anyone interested in acquiring the mast (and some other hardware) from an F25 trimaran? Sailor Thomas B. emailed to let us know about his Craigslist post featuring the mast, which can be found here: https://austin.craigslist.org/bpo/d/austin-trimaran-sailboat-mast-30-foot/7430214027.html

He wrote: “I plan to disassemble a farrier f25 in the next few months. The hulls and ammas have delaminated, and so are trash. The hinges and other hardware are in good shape though. Before I just take them to be recycled I was wondering where I could announce their availability for anyone planning to build a farrier.” (more…)

TriCat Trimarans in France

The following two boats are both folding, trailerable trimarans. They are different models named “TRICAT” and appear to come from a well-established developer-builder in France.

The main website can be found here: https://www.trimaran-tricat.com/en/le-chantier-naval-tricat/

Here is the webpage for the Tricat 20 model: https://www.trimaran-tricat.com/en/le-tricat-20/ (more…)

7.2 Meter Trimaran Crosses Atlantic Under Kite Power

The below story was published by Reuters on 12/22/21 at this URL: https://dunyanews.tv/en/WeirdNews/633985-Portuguese-man-successfully-crosses-the-Atlantic-using-only-kite-power

Pretty amazing feat for a lone sailor in boat that is just under 24 feet in length. The trimaran was flying under that kite :-)

He is hoping to get into the Guinness Book of World Records. (more…)