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What a beautiful setting to do some canoe sailing. And this fellow does it in elegant simplicity.

Simple boat.

Simple rig.

Island hopping.

Camp cruising most days. But also stayed in a B & B at least one night during one of these trips.

This is the stuff of a middle class sailor’s dreams (psssst, that would be some of us :-)

According to YT video info, the boat is an ARTEMIS Sailing Canoe: https://www.bootsbaugarage.ch/kit.htm

And the sail rig comes from here: https://reallysimplesails.com/three-sets-of-really-simple-sails-at-lauwersmeer-raid-netherlands/

More videos on this YT channel here: https://www.youtube.com/user/winnips/videos

(Thanks to Hans Schipper for sharing this guy’s YT channel with us).