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The Drifter 17 trimaran is a fabulous-looking craft built by Mark Gumprecht. Having previously designed, built & sailed smaller tris, Mark has spent recent months building this beauty, which features both cockpit and small cuddy cabin for camp-cruising. And it’s all set upon a platform with a LOA of just 17′.

Tom Raidna first alerted me to this brand new Drifter 17 trimaran after he published photos of Mark’s building project at BuildBoats.com. (You’ll want to check out the full set of photos at Tom’s site). After seeing these pics I thought it might be fun to see if Mark would let me interview him about the design/build process and record an audio of our chat.

He agreed … and you’re gonna be glad he did :-)

This interview is a real treat. We hope you enjoy it. Thanks to Tom R. for cluing me into this boat … and thanks again to Mark for taking time to let me ask some questions about this tri.

Click on the controls on the blue audio bar below and listen as Mark shares about his newest “Drifter” trimaran model, seen in the photos below. By the way, building plans for Mark’s other Drifter trimarans can be found at Duckworks.

Drifter 17 Trimaran Early Building Stages

Drifter 17 Uses Ply for Flat Surfaces and Strip Cedar for Round Edges

Drifter 17 Trimaran Taking Shape

Mark's Craftsmanship On Display

Drifter 17 Would Be Challenging for a Typical Homebuilder

Sleek Drifter 17 Trimaran Cabin Design

Drifter 17 Folding System