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In this post, Manfred (one of our readers) shares an old MULTIHULL INTERNATIONAL magazine article with us – as a follow up to comments/info he shared on a smalltrimarans post here: http://smalltrimaran.co.uk/12-tanzanian-ngalawa-style-outrigger-canoe/

Manfred writes…

“Maybe you are interested in the old design of Eric J. Manners. I´ve found some stuff after a long search in my older Laps.
There was an article in MULTIHULL INTERNATIONAL with some pictures and long time ago I bought two plans of Mr. Manners.
And .. I had a discussion with Brian Durrans, an anthropologist of the British Museum about the ngalawa boats and think I´ll find the letters again.
Kind regards, Manfred”

Many thanks for sharing this info-from-the-archives with us Manfred!

The article and drawings are contained in the following images…