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I interviewed Frank Jackson, from Rocky Mountain Safari this week. Frank lives in Colorado where he uses small trimarans to help others get out on the water for camp-cruising adventures.

We’ve already featured Frank’s boats here. But I wanted to actually have a conversation with him about the DIY approach he used in order to create these fun tris.

Here are the boats we talked about …




Among the topics discussed are:

  • What Rocky Mountain Safari is all about … and Frank’s extensive sailing experience
  • How these DIY trimarans came about … and why they’re great for camp-cruising excursions
  • How he approached design issues … including rigging and amas
  • A couple of unique camping / sailing venues out West … including Lake Powell

My interview with Frank is below.

You can listen to it in either 1 of 2 ways …

1) Right click here and choose “Save As” to download it to your PC or tablet


2) Click on the audio bar controls below in order to start or stop or pause (or go to different segments) of my conversation with him.

I hope you enjoy it!