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The following comes from an article reviewing the Astus 20.5 trimaran on YatchingMonthly.com



Astus 20.5: Fast, fun and affordable trailable trimaran

Boats that are small and light enough to keep in your driveway and trail to where you want to sail make a lot of sense.

One drawback, however, is that they tend to be slower than bigger boats – especially if they’re of a size and weight that allows them to be easily managed short-hand, both afloat and ashore.

If you want to sail from Poole to Weymouth for the weekend in a 20ft trailer-sailer, for example, it might take a while.

This is where speedy trailable trimarans like the Astus 20.5 come in.

When I sailed its predecessor, the 20.2, about 10 years ago, we regularly hit 15 knots on a reach without breaking sweat and maintained an easy 6.5 knots upwind.

You can cover a lot of ground at those sorts of speeds.

I first met the Astus 20.5 at the Düsseldorf Boat Show in 2019. Since it’s a newer boat and designed by no less a design team than VPLP, I had high hopes that it would offer even more than the 20.2.

Quite apart from the sailing potential, the trailing is as simple as can be with a boat like this.

If you choose the resin-infused hull, the Astus 20.5 weighs under 500kg (1,100lb), or just over 500kg with the standard solid laminate.

The lighter weight means you can use an unbraked trailer, saving money, maintenance and yet more weight, so you can trail it behind a normal hatchback vehicle.

Getting somewhere fast under sail is one thing. Having somewhere to sleep when you arrive is another.

Though its cabin is smaller than on a monohull of similar size, the Astus provides seating, stowage and space for a companionable couple to be able to stretch out.

Then of course you have the trampolines each side on which you can rig a tent for more sleeping space.”

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