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The second volume of Jim Brown’s memoir, “Among the Multihulls,” is now published. And what a book this one has turned out to be!

I asked Jim if he would record a short audio (via phone call) with me and talk a little about ATM, Volume Two, and he kindly accepted the offer.

Some of the stories in this paperback are just unforgettable. While I enjoyed reading the first book, this second one literally left me shaking my head a few times (in a believing-unbelieving sort of way).

Before going any further, let me say that Jim is a very good writer … but he is a master storyteller. Particularly when it comes to telling nautical tales. And a few of the ones he tells in here are unforgettable.

There are 3 stories in this book that I’ll probably be re-telling at some point to nearly every one of my buddies:

— The tale of how “Captain Guy” got shipwrecked — not on land, but in the middle of the sea — on the carcass of a dead floating whale! And all the while, sharks were feeding on the fringes of the carcass the entire time he was “stuck” there.

— Sailing with Russell (Jim’s son) on Russ’ proa from the Caribbean to New England. With Jim surfing the largest wave he’d ever encountered at sea!

— Traveling with wife Jo Anna to Cuba … and experiencing its people, culture, politics and tropical wonders.

Of special interest to small trimaran fans is the chapter Jim devoted to the Windrider trimaran. He writes at length about its conception and development. And then finishes the narrative off with his grand “Windrider trips” to California and Baja.

Pure fun!

And if you don’t want to go for your own camp-cruising adventure after reading about Jim and his buddies doing just that in the Windrider tris then you’ll probably NEVER want to do such a thing.

The thing is, every trimaran-sailing aficionado is sure to have their own “favorite” story from Jim’s book.

So with that in mind, here is a short, recorded audio featuring Jim talk about volume two of his memoir, “Among the Multihulls(click on the start button on the control bar below to begin listening) …

And click here to view the full information page for ATM volume two.

And if you haven’t yet seen Jim’s incredible online illustrations (with commentary) for each chapter in ATM volume one, then click here and go to OutRigMedia.com and view all of them for free!

Below is an introduction video by Jim Brown to all of his online chapter illustrations to “Among the Multihulls, Volume One.”