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Dick Newick’s Official Biography Published

The official biography of Dick Newick has just been published. His innovative trimaran, catamaran and proa designs went on to inspire scores of multihull designers, especially in America and France.

Here is the title description of the book as it appears on Amazon …

Dick Newick was possibly the 20th century’s most influential multihull designer. Now aficionados of multihulls – including trimarans, catamarans and proas – can now enjoy reading his official biography. This book takes readers through his early years, including kayak building and sailing, and then traveling throughout Europe in the years following WW II. (more…)

Artwork Posters Featuring Dick Newick’s CHEERS

Even though this post isn’t small tri related, Russell Brown’s wife Ashlyn (of ptwatercraft.com) asked if we’d like to help her and Russell help out the family of Dick Newick, the great multihull pioneer, who passed several months ago. Our part is to help spread word about a special sale for posters that belonged to Dick … and any sales will benefit his widow. (more…)

Multihull Legend Dick Newick Passes Away

Multihull legend Dick Newick passed away last week. His accomplishments as a boat designer and their subsequent effects upon the world of sailing were extraordinary.

Mr. Newick’s original Tremolino is still regarded as a performance standard among small trimarans. And I hope his plans for homebuilders continue to be made available for purchase. (Hopefully, some provision for this was made, we’ll see). (more…)

Restoring a Newick Designed Argonauta Trimaran

Trailerable trimaran enthusiast Abel D. sent me the following 4 photos of the Argonauta trimaran he is restoring. The Argonauta is certainly on the larger side of “small” tris. But since it can be trailered (because of its folding amas) we include it here.

It’s hard not to be amazed at the ingenuity of the Argonauta’s designer, Dick Newick. At 27′ LOA, the main bunk is directly behind the sailing cockpit. And the sailor gets to face straight ahead and steer the boat with a wheel instead of an aft tiller. (more…)

Building & Sailing Outrigger 26 Trimarans

Today we hear from a long-time boatbuilder & sailor Bill Murphy. He shares the story of how he got to build one of Dick Newick’s smaller trimaran designs – the Outrigger 26. For some of us, this would be a wonder boat to messabout with in America (once upon a time).

Many thanks to Bill, for sharing this short article with us, along with the images :-)


“The moon in the water
turned a somersault
and floated away”

– Japanese Haiku writer “Ryoto”

My wife Linda, and I built the Outrigger 26 Newick designed trimarans — twelve of them. (more…)

CC Cyclone 23 Trimaran Under Sail

I was on WoodenBoat’s Forum this week and found a thread (with pics) of a Cyclone 23 trimaran. The Cyclone is a Marples designed sailboat that has been around for awhile and the one featured in the thread is a nice looking boat.

The “CC” part stands for “Constant Camber,” which is a boatbuilding method associated with the famous multihull designer Dick Newick. John Marples was kind to explain the CC method to us back in 2010. And you can read more about this particular design on his website here.


Self-Built H19 Trimaran (Hobie Modification)

Sailor and self-boatbuilder Bill Kennedy shares background info and pictures of his H19 small trimaran. “An H19 trimaran?” you ask. Yes, we reply. Bill is currently developing one.

It utilizes a Hobie 20 catamaran hull (I am guessing) for the vaka and self-designed double outriggers for its amas. Bill has a lot of sailing experience under his belt, which is exactly what is needed to make a project like this successful.

Can’t wait to see this one in the water this summer. Also pictured is a Rhodes 19, which he is also in the process of refurbishing. See below.

(Thanks Bill, for sharing this with us!)

Tremolino Sporting a Jolly Roger

Tremolino trimaran sports a Jolly Roger sail

Tremolino trimaran sports a Jolly Roger sail

Oops, I meant to say this Tremolino trimaran features a Jolly Roger on its sail. My bad.

Still, I’d love to imagine what a real pirate (meaning one from the 17th century) would have said if he’d seen (and sailed) on a real Tremolino trimaran. (I know, it’s enough to make any multihuller smile, right?)

In this post, we get to hear from Kevin Bruce Brown — a real Tremolino owner/sailor living in the 21st century. And his enthusiasm for the boat is pure fun.

trimaran-sailboat-rendering-from-piratebrand.netSpeaking of fun, Kevin is a custom line art illustrator and T-Shirt printer. His PIRATE BRAND website is – naturallywww.piratebrand.net
And and the phone number is – naturally – 888-99-PIRATE (888-997-4728).
smiley-face (more…)

Introducing the International Small Craft Center at the Mariners’ Museum

I just discovered the online catalog for the Mariners’ Museum’s International Small Craft Center is now up and running. They’ve been gathering a large number of pieces, including information and images related to the boats, places and people associated with small craft.

A few years ago, I learned that if my wife and I are vacationing together, she would permit me to be dropped off (alone) at any boat museum for about 4-5 hours, so she could go shopping (alone) during those same hours. Now, I ask … what boat-loving husband could refuse such an offer? (more…)

Multihull Audio Interview (Excerpt) Featuring Jim Brown Interviewing Meade Gougeon

What would multihull pioneer Jim Brown say during a phone chat with legendary multi-designer Dick Newick and innovative boatbuilder Meade Gougeon on the other end of the line?

Here is your chance to find out! Well, at least, part of the conversation anyway :-)

In the previous post about Jan Gougeon’s newest tri-hulled creation, we link to this post, which features Meade spending a few minutes talking about this unique craft. (more…)

Canadian Somersault 26 Trimaran Restored & Sailing

Canadian sailor Pierre Bourgault bought and restored a Dick Newick Somersault 26 Trimaran some time ago. He is enjoying this boat in a big way, and is also justifiably proud of the accomplishment of restoring it to its former glory.

With the help of a friend who speaks a bit more English than Pierre does, he shares a little about his tri with us here. (more…)

One Family’s Canadian Tremolino Trimaran

Dick Newick’s venerable Tremolino Trimaran is still a much sought-after design. Not only is it a truly classic model, in terms of its place in the history of trailerable trimarans, but few “modern” boats its size can match its performance.

This post comes to us from Shelley Coulson, who writes on behalf of herself and her husband Jerry. Jerry and Shelley have been a true boating/sailing couple for years. And the wonderful times they’ve enjoyed out on the water with family and friends aboard their Tremolino is a big part of what makes small tris so much fun! (more…)

Trinado “Humdinger” Trimaran Has Been Sold

Russel Brown was kind enough to contribute his story about the idea/conception and actual building of the small trimaran named “Humdinger” (originally called the “Trinado Trimaran”) for my book Small Trimarans: An Introduction. (He was also kind enough to allow me to use a picture of the boat for the book’s cover image).

Russell’s narrative about how he was inspired to create this boat, based upon Dick Newick’s original Tremolino design, was personally one of my favorite chapters in the book. And the happy ending, of course, was the successful creation of a sailboat that offers spectacular sailing. (more…)