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Welcome to Small Trimarans
This is a community-driven sharing site, where small trimaran enthusiasts share about their boats with other readers. So we welcome info, pics and vids about your “small tri” so we can post it on the blog.

If you sail, motor or otherwise propel a small trimaran then I invite you to share stories and/or pictures with readers here in the small tri community.

We’d all love hearing from you!

You’re welcome to send long or short material … text length isn’t the issue. If it’s relevant and similar to what you read here now, then send it to me for review.

Stories about your small trimaran adventure(s)
Pictures of you sailing
Commentary (and pics) of how your tri was built or restored
Personal opinions (pro & con) about certain models or designs based on your personal experiences or shared information
And so on …

Simply share your story, pictures or other details with me (Alg) by sending them to:


Publisher note: The original publisher of this blog, sailor Joe Farinaccio, retired from publishing marine-related content in June of 2023.